MOLiCHiNO Management Announcement

Those of you who’ve viewed my blog or Flickr stream, certainly know I take a lot of pics of MOLiCHiNO designs. Aurelia trusted me to take pics of her designs for vendor ads, events and even magazines and considering that I didn’t know much about taking pics when I started, I applaud her bravery for letting me do so. In the process, not only have I loved and worn Aurelia’s designs for the past year, she’s also become a very close friend of mine.

Aurelia recently asked me to become MOLiCHiNO’s new manager and I excitedly accepted the position in order to help her do what she does best – DESIGN more. If you have any blogging requests or event info, feel free to send them to me in-world. All product specific inquiries will still be handled by Aurelia Chauveau.

To view Aurelia’s announcement, CLICK HERE!

Photo Models: Aurelia Chauveau and Linda Reddevil
Photographer: Natzuka Miliandrovic