MOLiCHiNO Management Announcement

Those of you who’ve viewed my blog or Flickr stream, certainly know I take a lot of pics of MOLiCHiNO designs. Aurelia trusted me to take pics of her designs for vendor ads, events and even magazines and considering that I didn’t know much about taking pics when I started, I applaud her bravery for letting me do so. In the process, not only have I loved and worn Aurelia’s designs for the past year, she’s also become a very close friend of mine.

Aurelia recently asked me to become MOLiCHiNO’s new manager and I excitedly accepted the position in order to help her do what she does best – DESIGN more. If you have any blogging requests or event info, feel free to send them to me in-world. All product specific inquiries will still be handled by Aurelia Chauveau.

To view Aurelia’s announcement, CLICK HERE!

Photo Models: Aurelia Chauveau and Linda Reddevil
Photographer: Natzuka Miliandrovic

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3 thoughts on “MOLiCHiNO Management Announcement Leave a comment

    1. Star and Anna thank you so much!! It’s also been my pleasure to work with both of you this past year as well as getting to know you. You two are special people and the real deal. I look forward to working together in the future on MOLiCHiNO projects or anything else that comes our way. xxoo

  1. I just love Aurelia so much! and you know I adore you as well! It will be great to work with you with the Couturier’s Dock events. Congrats on the new position and have a wonderful weekend!

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