Redhead No More

At least for today, I’m taking a break as a redhead to see how the majority lives. Haha! Actually, I’m taking the break because I wanted to show you the new skin from Marisa Gregan of Apparence Skins and Shapes. Lilou Skin is the newest offering from Apparence Skins and Shapes (APS) and I’m wearing the T1 skin tone in my picture. I’m a stubborn redhead in SL and RL but if there were ever a skin to sway me away from my redheadedness for good, the Lilou Skin would be the one to do it!  (Note: Photo is raw except for some minor tweaking to smooth out the shoulders and edges of the neckline for visual purposes only.)

You can find APS Lilou Skin at the OGlam Mall.

Lilou is –
– Available in 7 Tones
– 8 different Make-Ups

Each Pack contains:
– 4 Skins, cause I also put in a pure base version, so ppl can easily wear Make-Up-Tattoos too; Both skins come with a cleavage option too.
– Face Freckles Tattoos (3 of them to choose lighter or darker version)
– Hide-Eyebrow-Option (to be flexible and able to wear Eyebrow-Tattoos) and
– Extra-Add-On-Pack Eyebrow-Tattoos (3 optional Eyebrows – fitting to all availabel Skin-Tones)

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