I was on Flikr a few days ago and came across a pic of some adorable and fun dresses named Camilla that Helensue Helendale posted. I rarely fave photos of clothing designs and when I do it’s because something about it really struck my fancy which these dresses did. I also wanted to be sure to stop by the store and buy one or two to blog about and hitting the fave button was a sure way to remember to do this! (Yes, it’s tough getting older and losing your memory, not to mention having to work full-time in RL and not being able to log on SL™ asap to go buy what you may come across in Flikr or on the syndicated blogs.)

Anyway, Helensue must have read my mind because a day later she sent me the Camilla Dress in one of my personal signature colors. lol What a sweet surprise! There are more versions/colors of this dress and I love them all including the matching clutch’s that are also for sale. This saved me from having to dig in my inventory looking for yet another accessory or running out to search for something that matched. If you’re looking for something fun, yet stylish, stop by “DEW” Designs and tell Helensue Helendale I sent ya!


D E T A I L S:
Dress: “DEW” Camilla yellow b-gee *NEW*
Gloves: LBD Nif Nif gloves /pink
Clutch: “DEW” Camilla clutch pink *NEW*
Necklace: h.m.a.e.m. – wings collier – i love pink
Earrings: h.m.a.e.m. – wings earings – i love pink
Shoes: SLink Tiger Heels Watermelon
Pose: Di’s Opera Lean Series (Di’s Opera Poses recently reopened in case you didn’t know!)

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