Prism Sequoia – Insight

Many of you who’ve seen Prism‘s new release, Sequoia, on the all the blogs and in Flikr may not know who Journey McLaglen actually named this dress for. “Sequoia” is Sequoia Nightfire, an SL model, Aurora Borealis Jewelry creator and Founder/CEO of the Peace on Earth Gridwide Hunt. Sequoia is also the Academy Director/CEO at the Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy (MBMA) which is where I met her. I had the good fortune to have her as my instructor when I attended MBMA/Evane, as it was called then. That class was probably one of the most fun I had in a whirlwind year of attending modeling academies and learning all I could about the SL modeling business. It was the first class where an instructor let us truly express ourselves in terms of styling instead of adhering to strict guidelines of what a “look” should be. One week our class was based on a Back To School theme and I came to class dressed as a nun hoping to show that even though a nun was holier than thou, she could also be stylish at the same time. While something like that might not go over too well at some other schools, Sequoia seemed to appreciate my unique, and sometimes quirky, outlook when it came to styling for a theme.

Unfortunately, time and ambition have kept most of us who attended that class, and Sequoia, from seeing each other often. Those of us who’ve kept in touch with each other still fondly remember that class and how much Seq had taught us. So, when I was approached to blog this new dress named after her, I jumped at the chance as a way to pay homage to her for all her hard work in teaching people like me that it’s okay to just be…me.

D E T A I L S:
Dress: Prism SEQUOIA in Malibu
Purse: .:MALT:. Fashions HAND BAG – Green
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Eve Hair – Gingerbread
Necklace: ::je::suis::une princesse::Necklace
Bracelets: SEQUOIA Bangles in Malibu (came with outfit)
Sunglasses Sequoia Sunglasses – Malibu (came with outfit)
Shoes: Similar Viareggio
Hat: [Gos] Floppy Hat

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  1. Awesome look. Sequoia is a wonderful lady that has touched the lives of so many models and others in SL. She is an inspiration and this dress is also beautiful – just like her! Great post, Linda. (P.S. Where is that planter behind you?)

  2. Thanks for the kind words Emma, I appreciate it :)). I should have mentioned in the credits but the planter came from a store at Culture Shock called Funky Junk.

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