FIERCE Designs Puppet Doll Costume

I received a blogger package yesterday from Sally Soleil of Fierce Designs and it immediately caught my eye because the name included the word ‘puppet’. I enjoy a bit of creativity from what I wear to creating a photo so I got started on it PDQ. The Puppet Doll Costume is cute, cute, cute and also comes in black, green and pink. I should note that the outfit does come with an adorable black hairstyle that you can see in the vendor ad I’ve posted below. I changed it for a few reasons: I’m a redhead normally so why change now; and I’ve been wanting to wear this hair since I bought it over a year ago. Hope you don’t mind Sally!

D E T A I L S:
Costume: *NEW* FIERCE Designs Puppet Doll Costume (incl. makeup, shoes, black hair, puppeteer gadgets, doll key)
Hair: Schadenfreude Wendy Reds
Earrings: Nemesis Adorable Earrings
Puppet Pose: Created by Linda Reddevil

SLurl to Fierce Designs Costumes:



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