Prism Gisele

Colorful and Fun! This new release from Journey McLaglen of Prism Designs conjured up thoughts of just having some plain ole fun. We tend to take things far too seriously, even in SL! Inspired by the outfit supermodel Gisele Bundchen wears on the cover of December British Vogue, Miss McLaglen puts her own spin on “Gisele” including her signature sweater top. The scarf comes in 3 different versions in addition to not having to wear it at all if you choose not to. See? Fashion can be fun and versatile!

Pants/Top/Belt/Scarf: Prism Designs Gisele – Apple Tree
Shoes: Peqe – G Wedge Teal
Hair: *2MB NOAH HAIR – RED (not sure if they still sell this style)
Earrings: [label mode] mermaid earrings:: sky

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