Culture Shock Shopping

I’m one of those people in RL who leaves my cart at the end of an aisle when I go grocery shopping.  I go and grab items from the shelves before finding my cart and dropping those items off and then continue to shop again. I have no use for things that bog me down including carts and people for that matter.  People seem to have this tendency to stop themselves, and their cart, smack dab in the middle of an aisle while making everyone wait until they’ve finished reading the labels. To compensate for other’s rudeness, I shop in the manner I’ve described.

SL is no different except that it’s not people in my way. It’s lag! Culture Shock sure was a shock alright. Even if you managed to tp there, moving around was another story. Ever heard of cam shopping? Well, it’s similar to the way I grocery shop in RL. I stand in one place in SL and cam around for items to buy. Most of the time it works and works well. I managed to buy a few items that I’m showing here. Oh, I’ll probably go back because I’m sure I missed something. I’m getting my camera ready.

Dress: L’Abel Itzel Gold (Culture Shock)
Hair: Vanity Hair Liberty HP *new*
Shoes: Sim-I-Lar Venezia
Necklace/Bracelets : Jubilee Belenus
Earrings: Miamai Aura
Pose: Di’s Opera BeanBag (Culture Shock)

Outfit: Tableau Vivant – Cyril (Culture Shock)
Hair: 3636 Mila Red (only on Marketplace)
Ballet Shoes: SLink Jolie Extreme
Bracelets: Avalon aluinn

Shirt: L’Abel Annmari – wearing Shirt Only but comes as a dress (Culture Shock)
Skirt: Nemesis Saint Michael
Stockings: Riddle Argyle
Hair: dDx Freija Red
Jewelry:  Ticky Tacky Hot Rod
Boots: Maitreya Bloom Boots
Pose: Del May Self Muting

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