Have I mentioned I love Mimikri Hot Couture?  No?  Well, let it be known right here and now that I do and you will too once you visit the store.

First, I love the homey feeling of the store premises.  Okay, that may sound corny but think about it.  If a store is too flashy you may not want to go in it because you assume everything will cost you an arm and a leg.  On the flip side, if a store seems too grungy you may feel the clothes might look too cheap.    Mimikri is just, well, homey.  So be prepared to stay awhile and browse.

Once inside, the quality of the clothes hits you right away with the wall of New Releases.  As you venture further into the store you’ll be delighted with all the choices Mimikri Kit offers you from gowns to casual wear. 

Mimikri also has an outlet store that is clearly visible from the landing point.  No need to put the outlet store in a dungeon or hidden away somewhere, since the clothing offered here is just as wonderful for the budget-conscious.

Speaking of Mimikri’s new releases, her newest is Allure Take 2 dress and it’s gorgeous as well as versatile.  I love the glitter and sheer top overlay to the dress.  Go, grab one for yourself!

Dress: Mimikri Allure Take 2 in nile blue
Hair: Pocket Mirrors Carey Female
Earrings: ::MOOD:: Prato Cobalt/Onyx
Glasses: [sYs] Pulsar soundglasses
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Moxie Coal

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