I’m a Lady Who Lunches too

The new name on the circuit is Lady Who Lunches Couture.  Not one to be left out I had to take a look too and I’m glad I did.  My wallet didn’t know what hit it.

The only complaint I have about the LWL jacket is the painted on lapels.  I’d like to see them as a (modifyable) prim attachment instead of being painted on.   I think it adds to the realism.  Anyway, I’m very happy with the jacket and I can’t wait to see more offerings from Faint Paulse and lots of them!

Jacket: !Faint LL Jacket LWL
Pants: Lelutka Rockin Pants
Hair: Nikita Dangeous
Jewelry: $GaNKeD$ Suri 
Shoes: Grim Bros. Jardin

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