BabyDoll’s Metallic Tube Dresses

Today is my RL birthday!  I just had to get that out of the way first. ::smiles::  I received lots of birthday wishes in RL along with flowers from an old friend and Kahlua cupcakes from another friend. 

In-world I received a very cute dress from BabyDoll’s to blog about so here it is!   The Metallic Tube Dress is available in 6 colors: Black, Red, Silver, Gold, Pink and Baby Blue.  It includes all layers for the dress, as well as a bra and shorts for those who don’t like showing their panties.  Two skirts come with this set, a super mini skirt and a short flexi skirt.  As an added bonus, the Shiny Pumps are included!  All for $250L!! 

Below I’m wearing the Metallic Tube Dress in Red.  In the words of BabyDoll LaFontaine, it’s Simply Sexy! 

Dress and Shoes: BabyDoll’s Metallic Tube Dress in Red
Hair: Analog Dog Joy red
Jewelry: Je::Suis tente fire

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