I had actually put this look together a few weeks ago when this dress, Mato, was released by Spirit Osmus of the Spirit Store but I hadn’t had the time, nor the right spirit, to capture the mood I was looking for.  I found the time and the right mood yesterday so here it is. 

The Mato dress is really quite pretty with the lace hemline and neckpiece and while I had no intention of taking away from that prettiness, the dress also seemed to fit with my more darker, sinister interpretation.  That’s the beauty of SL fashion isn’t it? Something you wear in a ballroom one day, can be worn in a dungeon without a blink of an eye depending on how you style it.

Whichever way you decide to style the Mato dress is up to you, of course.  No matter what you decide it’ll be a great addition in your SLCloset.

Hair: Miamai Arana (*new)
Dress: Spirit Store  Mato Dress (*new)
Boots: Bax
Knife: MayCreations
Skin: Rotten Toes May Buried Pus

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