Time To Think Spring

That’s right. Spring is right around the corner for some of us. Here in the U.S. we have a custom every February 2nd whereby we look to a groundhog to tell us how much winter we have left to endure.  Good ole Phil predicted an early end to Winter this year. While I don’t hold much credence in weather predicted by a groundhog, or even by meteorologists sometimes, let’s just pretend that Phil was correct.

Aleida Rhode just released a new cocktail dress called Audrey for her Aleida pre-Spring line. This adorable cocktail dress comes in 6 different colors to tempt you but I’m wearing Audrey – Golden for this post. I might add that I simply adore the hat that comes with the cocktail dress.

Cocktail Dress: Aleida – Audrey Golden (incl. Hat & Gloves) **New**
Hair: 3636 Hair – Mila
Jewely: Virtual Impressions Ariel set
Shoes: G*Field Gold Slingbacks

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