Baby Doll’s Hut, Hut, Hut

Just in time for SuperBowl XLV (U.S.A), BabyDoll’s Lingerie releases its Black Football Lingerie outfit!  If you’re planning on creating a diversion in your guy’s football watchin’ day this is the outfit that’ll do it. 

This sexy lil number comes complete with all you see here: Bra, panties, bow ties, helmet, football, shoulder pads, elbow and knee pads, lace choker and garter belt, socks and sneakers.  Two added bonuses are the black eye face paint and a box of tintable numbers you can place on your bra and panties.  Whew….that’s a lot of stuff! 

So stop being a football widow, grab this adorable outfit from BabyDoll’s and tackle that man in your life. 

Happy Superbowl Day everyone!

(Ed. Note – from BabyDoll LaFontaine: “Hi! Just a note on the football lingerie, it’s available in 8 colors, including yellow and green for this weekend’s big game between Steelers and Packers! ^^”)