Designing Nicky Ree

I’ve been in SL for quite some time and have shopped at Nicky Ree’s for almost as long.   The store and the clothing line has grown over the years and now includes everything from lingerie to some of the best gowns in Second Life you’ll ever find.  One of the main reasons I love Nicky Ree’s is because as a redhead you’re limited to wearing certain colors, since not all of them look good on us with our fair skin and red hair.  As a redhead in RL I’m accustomed to this sad fact.  When you walk into Nicky Ree’s store one of the first things that draws you in is all the colors that greet your eyes.  Oh sure, you’ll find black and white ensembles here too but in this store you’ll also find oranges, yellows, greens, blues and reds, etc.  Nicky Ree’s world is a colorful one and we’re all invited to join her!

Today, the look is Nicky Ree in Orange.  The orange color that Nicky Ree uses for her designs is wonderful.  Never Halloweenish, and always stylish, it’s an orange hue you rarely find in SL. 

Right now, this dress is on sale for $50L and comes in 10 different colors which are scattered around Nicky Ree’s store in large gift boxes with bows.  The skirt comes in 2 versions with the second version slightly lower on the waist so your belly button shows. 

Skirt & Top Outfit: Nicky Ree DNR 2011 Special Lacy Lace Mini Dress in Orange
Hat: Black Fur by Eshi Otawara
Boa: Nicky Ree DNR Gina Glitter Orange
Earrings: Donna Flora Galatea
Bracelet: baroque Reyna

This dress also comes in many different colors to match your own personal color palette.

Dress: Nicky Ree DNR Trixie Sweater Set in Orange
Hair: Damselfly Akili in Hibiscus
Sunglasses: Chapeau tres Mignon Bambi Black/Gold
Shoes: G*Field Ribbon Slingback Shoes in Gold

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