New @ Dark Mouse

I love a cool pair of glasses and these new glasses at Dark Mouse totally fits the bill.  Named Roundeye – John, my first thought was of Elton John.  Not the Elton John of the 1970’s, since he wore some pretty wild glasses back then, but today’s Elton John or should we now call him Papa John?  Then I thought about John Lennon.  Hmm.  Either way, they’re cool glasses and I love them.  A quick click on the frames and you can choose from 6 different colors to compliment whatever outfit you’re wearing them with.

Glasses: Dark Mouse Roundeye - John

Also at Dark Mouse, don’t forget to pick up this very, very cute hairstyle.  It’s a *freebie* item and you can find it on the 3rd floor.  Hurry Hurry!!

Hair - Dark Mouse Alex in red (freebie item)
Hair - Dark Mouse Alex in red (freebie item)

Visit for links to the store(s).

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