Avona Freshlook

You really don’t find me wearing gowns too very often in Second Life unless I’m casting for a fashion show.  A few weeks ago, however, two of my good friends in-world invited me to meet Defne Larnia, designer for Avona Freshlook, who had just opened up a store at Maritima.  As I was being introduced to her, I looked around the store and there they were……gowns just beckoning for me to buy them.  Gorgeous colors and textures filled my eyes as my head swam with ideas on how to accessorize the gowns.  Here are two of the gowns I bought that day.  There’s so much more at Avona Freshlook so be sure to visit the store and Flikr page.  [Note:  Defne mentioned that day she was expecting her first child in RL so my best wishes to her and her new family.]

{SLurls can be found at https://lindareddevil.wordpress.com/slurls/ }

Gown: Avona Celeste
Jewelry: Je suis Isis collar and earrings
Hair: Je suis Sonique

Gown: Avona Shaza
Hair: Purple Moon Dax [*new]
Jewelry: Jairis Ambar set

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