A Very Long Week…But So Worth It!

I’m a bit behind on my blog due to this past week’s activities.  This past weekend was graduation weekend at Miss Virtual World Academy in which I was a graduation hopeful.  MVW Academy is my 6th modeling school in Second Life and while that may seem to be excessive to some, I’ve found it necessary in order to grow as a SL model.  We all do what feels right to us.  Some prefer little or no training and some prefer to learn as much as they can.  I’m in the latter group since every school I’ve gone to I’ve learned something new. 

Attending and graduating from MVW Academy fulfilled a goal I set for myself in Second Life. I’d heard how particular Frolic Mills is when you stand before him in the final class (#105) and it’s so true.  Yet, the comments and/or suggestions he makes are for our benefit and if you don’t learn from them you will not graduate.  There were a few students who were his obvious favorites since they didn’t wear the colors he suggested or followed the theme(s) that were given, yet he adored everything about them anyway.  As hard as this is to swallow, you must still concentrate on yourself and the comments he makes about you and follow through with implementing them into your styling.

I think the one thing I walked away from in this class was his suggestion to inspire.  I decided to try that suggestion on graduation day and I’m not exactly sure how well I succeeded other than I did graduate.  I do, however, feel proud of this feat since out of a class of 40, only 22 graduated and I was one of them.  My goal accomplished!!

MV♛ Graduation Outfit

Gown: Nicky Ree
Back: Mea Culpa
Eye Tattoo: White Widow Sun in Gold
Hair: Bliss
Shoes: Paper Couture
Jewelry & Staf: Designs by Isaura

A Very Special Thank You to Xandrah Sciavo for her pep talks and giving me the once over all week long.  And, mostly for being a great friend in SL!

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  1. Congrats on your graduation at MVW Linda. You are an exciting, talented and creative model. You think outside the box and sometimes outside this universe (smiles), and it’s always a pleasure having you model for us at The Runway Cafe. Good luck in your modeling career. ~Jena Adder

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