Have You Seen Veschi?

One day a few weeks ago I ended up at a sim with a great line of fashion stores which included Veschi.  As I said in a previous post, the store was smallish but filled with some cute outfits.  Here, the old adage of ‘great things come in small packages’ couldn’t be truer.  From the sleekly designed dresses and blouses to handbags and tintable stockings, designer Alla Ruff, knows what women want and need.  Not only are the designs textured in fun patterns but they’re also named in an amusing way.  You can tell that creating clothing and accessories is fun for Alla and it shows.

Off The Chain! in navy
Blouse has option for gold or silver chain or none at all
Hair: W&Y Model 25
Pants: Miamai Karomia Pants Blue
Earrings: Ramos Men’s Gold Hoop Earrings
Blouse: Veschi Off The Chain! in navy with no chain or shoulder pads
Belt: Veschi Pashmina Belt in Beige
Pants: Veschi Partially Parellel Leggings Dark Beige/Navy
Handbag: Veschi Blinged Out Beggar Bag Navy accented w/Gold (also comes with Silver choice)
Hair: Boon PUN448 hair
Earrings: Earrings: Uzuri Urchache Earrings
Over The Top in Peach
Dress & Belt: Veschi Over The Top Solid in peach
Hair: !Lamb Witch in Burnt Orange
Shoes: Tesla Vixen Desire Black
Jewelry: U&R Dogs Meringue
Bourgewhat? in mocha/ochre
Blouse: Veschi Bourgewhat? 2 tone blouse in mocha/ochre
Skirt: MEB Giada
Hair: Analog Dog AD – 17 Dark
Jewelry: Earthstones Bali Crescent Set
Belt: COCO WideWaistBelt in Brown
1980Something Skirt
Skirt: Veschi 1980Something skirt black
Tights: Veschi Tintable Tights Targets
Top: Benoir Lora olive
Hair: EMO-tions Jenna
Bracelet: Yak & Yeti Glass Bangles
Boots: COCO FlatAnkleBoots [Group Gift]
Certain Curtain 3
Dress: Veschi Certain Curtain 3
Hair: Vanity Pipi Feux
Jewelry: Miamai Stones Aura Gold Set
Shoes: Freyr Fetish Ballet Shoes Black

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