Magic Fashion New Release

Henrik Abruzzo, owner of Magic Fashionhas just released 2 new dresses.  Loula in Red and Loula in Midnight Blue.  Both dresses are $99L as is every outfit at Magic Fashion.  Honestly, this is a fantastic deal for such a lovely dress.  Having worn Loula in Midnight Blue for the store ad, I can honestly say this dress is lovely especially the hem in a fine lace texture.  The pictures also does not do the hat justice.  The hat definitely makes this dress haute couture but you could also leave it off.  However, having had to fit hair under numerous hats while modeling, I have to say this one was one of the easiest, if that is a concern of yours.   Make Magic Fashion your next stop on your shopping trip!

Store Ad for Magic Fashion (Model: Linda Reddevil; Photographer: Henrik Abruzzo)
Dress/Hat: Magic Fashion Loula Midnight Blue; Hair W&Y Model Hair 20; Jewelry: Alienbear Almas; Shoes: Ava Choo Classic Pumps

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