Peace Love; ♥ and Party

D E T A I L S:
keikumu – desert freckles (facial) @Anthem
Koonz Yummy Lips HD
Tableau Vivant \\ leLutka EvoX Hairbase 13b – 001
WarPaint* Blaze liner [LeL EvoX]
[POLARVOID] Fruity Ear Tips
Sorumin– Summer Festival SET -FATPACK Tshirt & Panties @Anthem
Frayed – Boozehound Flask
Phedora ~ Evan Unisex Boots @The Warehouse
RichB. Peace Earrings @Anthem
[LeLutka]-MAGDALEN pony (unavailable)
All Poses – SAPA 135 @Anthem
Mesh groupies from Mesh County (Willem Koba), HimikoToga and Animesh Central
Backdrop: La Otra Puerta Melancholy

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